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Capital District Transmission, CDT, Available 24 hours a day 518-273-6642

Capital District Transmission is owned and operated by Jim Smith since 1984.

Our goal is to get your car repaired and back to you as quickly as possible.

We will diagnose your problem/concerns with your vehicle and then inform you of our diagnosis and repair plan or options available to correct your problem.
Our company has all of the latest information and tools available to diagnose/repair your vehicle.
We work with most aftermarket warranty companies (Superior Protection, Guardian Warranty) to name a few. CDT is also a warranty provider for ARI and other fleet providers.

Transmission problems never disappear by themselves.

The automatic transmission is a technically complex component and needs always to be operating properly. Because it is so important, your transmission needs regular inspections and service.
Also, if you are experiencing any problems with your transmission such as leaks, noises, problems with shifting, etc., don't wait until the problem becomes worse and the car leaves you stranded.

Just minutes from downtown Albany and moments from Troy, we can have your vehicle in the shop for free diagnostics, estimates, fluid checks and a test drive, usually within a few hours.

We also provide repairs to transmissions (automatic and manual) when a complete rebuild of the unit is not needed.

We offer complete servicing of your driveline in your vehicle.
Universal joint replacing/carrier bearing replacement and
CV axle shaft replacement.

Complete draining and refilling of front (4x4-AWD) and rear differentials.
Transfer case fluids need to be changed just like all other fluids in your vehicle.                  
All wheel drive (AWD) vehicles also have a power transfer unit (PTU) that should be serviced.
Most are just a drain/refill procedure.

We do complete replacement of:

  • Clutch/pressure plate/release bearing, flywheel is resurfaced in most cases.
  • Some flywheels cannot be resurfaced (dual mass) may or may not need replacing.
  • All axle shafts are checked, gear oils replaced.

Complete transmission flushing with filter change*

Transmission drain/refill
(automatic and standard shift)

*when applicable

 We offer remanufactured transmissions/transfer cases from a number of different vendors including OEM.

Most remans have a 3yr/100,000 mile transferrable warranty.
Rebuilt manual transmissions are also available.

We offer transfer case rebuilding and repairing.

We offer a variety of transmission services depending on the extent of repair needed.
Some units can be repaired without having to do a complete rebuild.

Transmission is removed from your vehicle and we do a complete overhaul of the unit. Any worn/bad/broken parts are replaced and a complete rebuild kit is installed with any latest updates needed.
Most units also have a rebuilt torque convertor installed.

We offer a variety of warranties starting with a basic 12 month/12000 mile warranty.


11 Mohawk Street
Green Island, NY 12183

518-273-6642  24 hours


Manual & Automatic Transmissions
Driveline Repair
Clutch Replacement
Transfer Case Rebuild
In-house Rebuilds

Driveline/CV Shaft Repair/Replace  



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